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In the GAME!

Was REALLY concerned about the shoulder yesterday, it was WAY BAD… However, today I got treatment of one of the best out there, Carl Fredrik at SPINEX. He is also working with the Swedish downhill team, and Anja Pärsson.

It’s much better, still a bit unstable. But my dear NIke pal Rod will help me out and tape me good for Saturdays classes.

Just back from SATS and the 'bäst i test' training with my GET FIT team mates. WOW, the Nike get fit class will be CRAZY HARD. Hope you are ready for it, cuz our team is ON! Per, Maria, Emma, Anna and Me will make your legs shake for a few days….


Just said POP….

My shoulder/scapula that is… And not during sparring, not even during a hardcore gym session. I was doing; yoga….

Hmm…. Memmo to self; don’t be competitive when you know U suck! I was pulling, bending, twisting and turning in 40′c heat. OFCOURSE I tried to do shit I can’t, and my shoulder said; ”I HATE YOU, AND I DON’T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE!!”

Well, the scapula is not where it should be, but a good physiotherapist and some TAPE should fix it untill saturday…

Well, I guess U can’t be a warrior and have no battle wounds??? heheheheheheh…….


Or, atleast plan to preform!!

Been pushing quite hard the last months (my body that is). And now it’s just a week to go before the Nike BLAST, and it’s time to finalize the puzzle…

GOAL: Be in better shape (flexibility, strenght, explosive) than ever before. So I can rock BODYCOMBAT, pureTRAINING and Nike GET FIT at the BLAST.

Did I do it? Yes… Strength and explosive is way up! However, doing a lot of prepping for Nike Training for Runners and doing that ED. I noticed a trade off between being explosive and being flexible. It’s REALLY hard to be both at the same time. The more Bikram Yoga and martial arts I do, the more flexible I get, but also lose some plyometric power (explosiveness).

Right now, im more explosive than flexible… But a week of rest and yoga might change that!

So what now? this last 5 days will look like this:

Monday (BODYPUMP and stretch)

Tuesday (Massage, and Bikram)

Wednesday (2xBC and stretch, will try to sub my BP class away)

Thursday (Rest)

Friday (Rest)



What do you think about this week? Do I need to TRAIN more?? :)

With my FIST in your FACE!!


Hmm…. Sunday afternoon, and I was supposed to a trial of my pureTRAINING class tonite with a few hardcore people, including Åsa and Soffan. However, I kinda ruptured something in an old injury earlier this week, so I could not do serius kick training and plyo (a BIG part of pureTRAINING).. So, I ended up subbing a BODYCOMBATⓇ class, and did a testdrive of the new release..

How it was? Hahahahaha…. The club had just started with BODYCOMBATⓇ, so about 50% had never ever tried it before. And my style of teaching can sometimes be a bit, how should I put it; INTENSE :)

BUT they enjoyed it, and alot of people came up after the class, loving the training!

BC47 is AWESOME!! Big kudos to Dan C for this one, but maybe I should not SCREAM the lyrics in the Muai Thai track out so loud?  ”with my fist in you face, and your face on the floor…” but HEY, thats my style! So crew, prepare for a war at the Nike BLAST!

Did you get the message???


Can’t wait any longer! Next weekend will be SICK (not sick as in fever and sore throat) just SICK!!

Ofcourse Im talking about the Nike BLAST! Just emailed with my friend Josef Matthews and talked about what tracks to teach in BODYCOMBAT47… And I gotta say, 47 is probably the BEST release in a few years, absolutly LOVE it.. it’s mean, hard and fast just as ME!

Then pureTRAINING, my own class. Man, been waiting for this one. It all started in NYC this past summer, where I did a MMA-bootcamp class, HIIT-training class and Plyo-class…

Then I just mixed them into ONE CRAZY WORKOUT! Hope to C U guys there!

And, in the BIG ROOM me and the (FIT) Nike crew will do Nike GET FIT! I will do the part ” make yourself STRONG” and, I WILL!


When is it TOO much?

Got a good question yesterday at a photoshoot, and it kind of got me thinking…


And then I started thinking about it… it’s ALOT!!  Between 14 and 20 hours/week I guess. Depending on what I focus at, goals etc… And that is WAY to much! (for some people) but NOT for me.

I have done sports since I could walk, lifting since I was 15 and doing Group Fitness since 16. And alvays been training HOURS and HOURS every week. Sometimes to much, and if you get over trained you FEEL IT! If you are a person with decent awarenes of your body, you can tell if you are doing to much training, and need to take  a few days off. I feel it straight away if Im not getting enough sleep, or is cheating with food. Then I can’t train as much or as intense.

A good example of this way in NYC the past summer, I trained probably 25+ hours week in and week out. BUT, I did not work. I could just eat, speep and train, and do other FUN stuff!!

When Im stressed at work, traveling to much, sleeping bad, I can get over trained on just 3-5 h/week… Strange how the body works…

In the last week of prepping for the Nike BLAST now. And will this time rest the days before, take time off and sleep. WHY? cuz I want to be able to be at my MAX for all my classes!

C U guys there!

Next weekend off…. APRIL!!



New year! (well, been 2011 for a few weeks now!” things are moving WAY to fast… In a very GOOD way!

Have been crazy busy, and will be like that for a few more months. This is how my 2011 started, how do you start yours??  

8 jan: Nike Training for Runners (Training the trainers in Helsinki)

9 jan: Nike Training for Runners (Training the trainers in Stockholm)

11-12 jan: Les Mills Nordic trainer days!

15 jan: Nike Training for Runners (Training the trainers in Oslo)

23 jan: pureTRAINING, pureCYCLE classes (prepp for NikeBLAST)


4-5 feb: THE NIKE BLAST OSLO (presenting BODYCOMBAT and pureTRAINING)


18-20 feb: Initial training BODYPUMP in Warzaw

25-26 feb: Les Mills QW´s (Stockholm and Borlänge)

4-5 mar: Les Mills QW´s (Copenhagen and Århus)

11-12 mar: Les Mills QW´s (Poland)

19-20 mar: Les Mills SUPER (Tallinn)


Think after that it´s time for a few days of REST!!

Was really thinking about this yesterday, and it still occupies my brain a bit…

I have a routine before I teach, and it looks different in different classes and different occasions. But still, I have and will always have a routine to do, a way of making me feel in the ”zone” for that specific class.

Here is tw0 examples:

BODYCOMBAT class at the gym:

I will have a HUGE coffe on the way to the gym. U will see me there at least 45min before, with my ipod and full gear. Probably doing some shadowboxing in the studio or if I have to, in the gym. Then I will do some stretching, and some light dynamic work. During this time, I will drink at least half a liter of water. Then Im ready!

BODYPUMP convention class or Quarterly ed:

At the venue no later than 60-90 min before (want to hook at the sound, lights, material etc) gear up and set everything up that I need before. If it’s a BIG convention and people set up everything before. I need to walk around, looking and talking with the participants, i guess I want to know who is there. I will do a light warmup for legs and lower back about 20 min before. The strange thing is that I don’t drink any coffee before normally. That is only part of my ”gym teaching” routine. Cuz I have learnt that it’s WAY EASY to cramp up, when U have massive lights and lots of adrenaline in your body. So caffeine, nope…

Well, been doing this since 2004 and maybe my routines have changed a BIT. But they look pretty much as my routine I had before my first classes in the gym as a seventeen year old boy… hahahah, LOOONG time ago!!

If you are in Fitness Festivalen this weekend, observe my routines. Im not kidding u!

Oslo VS Göteborg

My original plans this coming weekend was to be in Oslo…I was booked to do a initial training for SATS in BODYPUMP. Was there a few weeks ago to train the very first group of BODYPUMP instructors, and now it was planned for stage 2..

However, our ICE QUEEN (Pernilla Blomqvist) injured herself last weekend, so now im going to Göteborg for QW´s and Fitness Festivalen. I really hope that Icey recover fast, cuz I know how much it SUCKS to be injured… But I will make sure to kick as much BUTT as she would, and LIFT atleast as much as her….

On thursday I do my first QW in Gothenburg for the weekend, and will get at RPM class in with this DUDE on friday. And maybe I drop by some other class in G-burg when Im in the city… U never know!

Ohh, and DONT MISS that GSP is fighting this weekend… Will try to look at the fight online!

LAZY intructor…..

I guess i have almost used up all my BITCH points soon, but I still have a few left to use for later! ;)

Since Im not currently teaching, I have the luxury of taking classes instead. However, I have learned that Im a LAZY AZZ when I take class! Or my body just decides to be lazy when I take class…

I find this MOST irritating… This morning for example, I took a BODYPUMP class. Great class BTW, but my legs was shaking fronm the squat track all the way to the shouldertrack.. My chest weight was less then my little sister would use, and I can’t even tell you my bicep weight….

Howcome? Guess it’s part adrenaline and maybe a part ”can’s show people Im weak” when Im on stage, but off stage IM LAZY!!! Strange, cuz in the GYM im not, only when I take class….

Guess I got to HARDEN UP!!


Lazy Ass

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